Adam K Dean

I'm Adam, a general technologist.

Welcome to my website! I'm a software engineer, tinkerer, electronics enthusiast, and webmaster. I have a passion for building and creating, and I enjoy exploring the intersection of technology and everyday life.

On this website, you will find information about my various projects, research, and thoughts on a variety of topics related to technology, entrepreneurship, and more. At the moment I'm focused on the emerging developments in artificial intelligence and language models.

Follow along as I prepare for AGI 🤖.

Latest Post

From Einstein to Turing: Misdirecting GPT-4 with Hidden Prompts

Published 19 May 2023 in artificial-intelligence with tags prompt-engineering , prompt-injection , prompt-hijacking , gpt , gpt-4 , security , openai , ai-experiments , research , machine-learning , language-models A recent discussion on Hacker News, titled "Let ChatGPT visit a website and have your email stolen," brought to light potential vulnerabilities in OpenAI's ChatGPT model, especially concerning its new web browsing capabilities. This stimulated an interest in understanding more about these vulnerabilities and how they could impact the reliability and integrity of information provided by the AI. Continue reading …